"The composition itself takes the audience on a virtual ride to witness the battle between our reality and the unmasked truth. Given Nico’s longtime fascination with life, he’s tried to create a piece that reflects on every aspect of our lives. “Cocaine March” is a rebellious piece that unveils the truth and introduces us to a whole new way of interpreting the modern world."

Groovy Tracks

“Much sought after by music industry professionals and artistic collaborators for his matchless versatility, Cartosio’s innovative soundwork, and expansive range of musical styles, has complemented every performance he has given.”

Pop Spotlight

"I do not know where it comes from. Perhaps as a child, I often hit my head when I fell, or maybe I participated in too many fights as a teenager. Since I was a child, I feel people and places in the form of melodies.
A girl smiles at me, and I hear how she sounds. It is a specific tune. She frowns and instantaneously, the melody changes in my head, from a flute solo to a cello.

Or a young man runs down the street, screaming at someone. I feel his energy, take it as music, and immediately hear the melody in my head.

It's like the dreams that we have. Sometimes you can remember them, and sometimes not. So I take the time to write them down, because sometimes they escape from me.

Thus, in addition to a swarm of thoughts, the soundtrack of the world around me plays every second. People think with thoughts, and I get thoughts and melodies."

Nico Cartosio